adj. & n.
1 of, relating to, or associated with the Netherlands.
2 US sl. German.
3 S.Afr. of Dutch descent.
4 archaic of Germany including the Netherlands.
1 a the language of the Netherlands. b S.Afr. usu. derog. Afrikaans.
2 (prec. by the; treated as pl.) a the people of the Netherlands. b S.Afr. Afrikaans-speakers.
3 archaic the language of Germany including the Netherlands.
Phrases and idioms:
beat the Dutch US colloq. do something remarkable. Dutch auction see AUCTION. Dutch bargain a bargain concluded by drinking together. Dutch barn Brit. a barn roof over hay etc., set on poles and having no walls. Dutch cap
1 a contraceptive diaphragm.
2 a woman's lace cap with triangular flaps on each side. Dutch courage false courage gained from alcohol. Dutch doll a jointed wooden doll. Dutch door a door divided into two parts horizontally allowing one part to be shut and the other open. Dutch elm disease a disease affecting elms caused by the fungus Ceratocystis ulmi, first found in the Netherlands. Dutch hoe a hoe pushed forward by the user. Dutch interior a painting of Dutch domestic life, esp. by P. de Hooch (d. 1683). Dutch metal a copper-zinc alloy imitating gold leaf.
Dutch oven
1 a metal box the open side of which is turned towards a fire.
2 a covered cooking pot for braising etc. Dutch treat a party, outing, etc. to which each person makes a contribution. Dutch uncle a person giving advice with benevolent firmness. Dutch wife a framework of cane etc., or a bolster, used for resting the legs in bed. go Dutch share expenses equally.
Etymology: MDu. dutsch etc. Hollandish, Netherlandish, German, OHG diutisc national

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